Why is real estate marketing a trend?

Por Maria Cecilia/

15 January, 2024

The real estate sector has undergone major changes in recent times. The advance of the digital era has taken away the walk that we used to do from agency to agency, replacing it with the search for homes online. Thus, the importance of real estate marketing arises.


The real estate agencies that have grown in recent years are exclusively those that have been able to join the change, taking a step towards real estate marketing.





Real estate marketing is a set of strategies that focuses on promoting and selling properties, whether they are homes, commercial premises, land or other types of real estate. It consists of applying marketing strategies and techniques to attract potential buyers or tenants and facilitate the real estate transaction.

The main objective of real estate marketing is to maximize visibility and interest in a specific property, generating demand and facilitating its sale or rental. This involves conducting a thorough market analysis, identifying the target audience and developing an appropriate marketing strategy to effectively reach that audience.

In order to carry out this plan, different factors will be involved, which we will show you below.



real estate marketing identifies and defines the buyer persona





One of the keys in real estate marketing and in many other sectors is to identify the people we are looking for as consumers. In this case, it is the perfect client for the purchase or rental of a specific property.


In order to determine the buyer persona of a property, certain factors must be taken into account, such as demographic data, psychographic data, the behavior of this person in digital media and professional data.


But why is it important to define the buyer persona? It turns out to be a fundamental step, since you will not be able to offer the right content in the media if you do not know how your potential client will behave in front of it.





The competition in the real estate sector is so high that the most convenient way to increase inquiries quickly, Google paid ads may be the best option.


In MKT Digital Marketing we do campaigns by location and keyword selection. In order for these campaigns to reach the right people and attract more attention we add creative copy and we base them on the type of property.





As we said when we talked about the buyer persona, if you are able to determine this audience, you will also be able to offer content that they consider valuable.


Something that usually has a lot of value for the buyer persona of the real estate sector is the content that solves doubts about the process of buying or renting real estate. These can be glossaries with the terms of the area, the buying and selling terms, the necessary documentation or financial information.


But, the question that arises here is: Where do I apply this content? Let’s go slowly, here are the three ways to publish content that we offer in MKT Digital Marketing.



real estate marketing can offer you a service of google ads





SEO is a strategy that serves real estate marketing to position a website at the top of search results. The main objective of this is to get real estate consumers to start using your site as a source of valuable information. In this way, they will consider you as a reference in that niche and when they need something, they will contact you.





Email marketing is a very good strategy for the real estate sector. This way of real estate marketing allows you to attract new clients and not to lose contact with the clients you already have.


This type of content should focus on useful information for the owner, suggestions for their new homes or useful tips for the maintenance of the real estate.


In addition, you can also guide new content to people that you believe have the intention of buying or renting again. In this case, they will include lists with new listings, incentives, etc.



Real estate marketing helps you to take advantage of social networks.


Social networks are the perfect platforms to showcase homes, since they not only allow you to give a graphic overview of the places you are offering, but also help you to make a very good segmentation of the audience.


real estate marketing helps you to take advantage of social networks.


If you are part of the real estate sector and have not yet joined the digital change, do not wait any longer. Contact us to start with your real estate marketing plan.



What is real estate copywriting and how is it applied?

Real estate copywriting is the process of writing persuasive texts specifically designed for the real estate sector. Its objective is to connect emotionally with potential clients, generating illusion and desire to buy or rent properties. It is applied in different platforms such as websites, advertisements, property descriptions, emails and social networks.


To apply it effectively:

  • Know your audience: Understand the needs, wants and problems of your potential clients to create messages that resonate with them.
  • Create excitement: Use language to paint an appealing picture of life at the property, helping clients visualize themselves living there.
  • Highlight benefits: Beyond the physical features, emphasize how the property enhances the buyer’s or tenant’s life.
  • Use a persuasive style: Combine engaging writing with in-depth research to understand and address the psychology of your audience.
  • Implement and improve: Apply copywriting techniques in all marketing and sales materials, and adjust based on customer response and feedback.

Effective real estate copywriting can make a difference in the perception of a property and in the customers’ decision to buy or rent.



How to write real estate marketing copy?

To write real estate marketing copy effectively, it is essential to follow some key guidelines:

Persuasive Descriptions: Use words that transform a simple listing into an irresistible investment opportunity.
Emotional Connections: Fuse creativity with strategy to generate emotional connections and motivate action.
Originality and Authenticity: Avoid copying ideas from other agencies and seek to stand out with creative and authentic copy.
Attractive Headlines: Balance your headlines with the content to maintain quality throughout the publication.
Unique Value Proposition: Highlight what makes a property special or unique, whether it is its history, architectural features, or special details.
Ideal Client Segmentation: Answer the ideal client’s possible questions with your description, tailoring it to their needs and preferences.
Conciseness and Clarity: Be direct and clear in your messages, offering relevant and specific information about the property and its surroundings.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to write persuasive, emotionally connected and differentiated real estate marketing texts to attract your target audience and close more sales.



what skills should a real estate copywriter have?



What skills should a real estate copywriter have?

A real estate copywriter must have a series of key skills to perform his role effectively:

Be able to write persuasive and attractive texts that stand out in a competitive market.

Market knowledge
Understand the real estate industry and the needs of clients to tailor your messages effectively

Connect emotionally with clients through words, building trust and credibility

Know how to influence buying decisions through compelling messaging and effective calls to action

Ability to Generate Emotions
Ability to arouse positive emotions in customers to create an emotional bond with the property

Good Spelling and Grammar
It is essential to take care of the writing, spelling and grammar to convey a professional and reliable image.

Avoid copying ideas from other agencies and seek to stand out with authentic and creative texts

SEO knowledge
Understand how to optimize content for search engines and improve online visibility online visibility

By combining these skills, a real estate copywriter can create persuasive, emotionally connected and differentiated copy that appeals to the target audience and generates conversions in real estate.



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