why choose Inbound marketing agency

Why choose inbound marketing agency


Opting for an Inbound Marketing agency (meaning that it is committed to the implementation of strategies based on content marketing) is essential in order to provide genuine competition in the fluctuating, demanding and competitive modern markets.

Whereas in the past it was the companies who went out to find their customers, today the customers are the ones who approach (or reject) the companies. Therefore, simply selling is no longer enough: you need to generate loyalty.

With the help of an Inbound Marketing agency, its expertise and its teams (which cover all the areas that make up a comprehensive digital marketing plan) you will not only be able to attract new customers organically, but also to consolidate them and transform them into true ambassadors of your brand, thereby shaping a strong and lasting community.

Without customers there is no business, and this is undeniable. That is why, in a world where consumers are looking for the best of the best, and where thanks to globalization they have dozens of candidates to choose from within each category, it is crucial to make your brand stand out, give customers the best possible experience and position yourself as a benchmark.

How is an Inbound Marketing agency different from other alternatives?

When one says the word “marketing”, most people who are not involved in this world think of procedures and trends belonging to what is known as “outbound marketing”: constant, intrusive and unexpected advertisements that, by arriving from all possible fronts on a regular basis, are betting to end up getting settled, sooner or later, in the minds of potential customers.

Well, the this does not happen with Inbound Marketing: An Inbound Marketing agency works on the organic attraction of customers, without overwhelming them and without risking to cause rejection on their part.

We will now take a closer look at how Inbound Marketing makes this possible, and the advantages it can bring to your company.

This is how an Inbound Marketing agency works

As we have already mentioned, this practice is based on being found by customers, encouraging them to contact you, to be interested and, eventually, to convert that interest into a purchase.

But to make this possible, it is essential to carry out an exhaustive positioning work for your brand, situating it as a reference in its sector, the first option to which people will turn to organically.

How is this achieved? By constantly generating valuable content, publishing it in your own communication channels and improving your service day by day, not to mention the importance of doing a good SEO job.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

The more valuable, original and personalized content that is generated and published on a daily basis, the greater the credibility of the brand, resulting in a better image for the brand and, consequently, a better positioning.

Ultimately, what should happen is that the customer does not feel that they are making a purchase, but rather that they are investing in an effective solution to a problem they have. This is known in marketing as the “pains”, and knowing them in depth is crucial for the work of an Inbound Marketing agency.

Inbound Marketing, then, not only avoids overwhelming the target audience with constant blasts of generic ads that may not be of interest to them, but also increases their satisfaction levels, since they will have arrived to the solution on their own.

And, if the solution satisfies them, they are likely to become a loyal consumer, who in turn will recommend the service or product to their peers, who generally also fit the Buyer Persona.

To achieve all this, however, you need the help of an Inbound Marketing agency, specialized not only in the analysis of raw data about the target audience’s consumption habits, but also in the generation of unique, personalized content that favors organic positioning.

The methodology of an Inbound Marketing agency

The strategies developed and implemented by an Inbound Marketing agency, while customized to the particular needs and goals of each client, are usually divided into four stages:

  • The first thing to do is to get organic traffic going, working on search engine optimization (SEO) and the aforementioned generation of high-value content (created by the agency’s own hand, which means that there is no plagiarism, false information or poor quality pieces), as well as shaping the social networks, which will be where the community is created and where direct communication with clients will take place.
  • Once the traffic is in motion and customers start to find your brand, it is essential to ensure that this contact actually takes place. For that, an Inbound Marketing agency usually opts for resources such as CTAs (call to action), forms, pop-ups, messages and consulting offers.
  • As potential customers enter their data and formalize contacts, companies will build a database of high value, which, through a CRM or other automation tools, will be used as an input to improve and customize the Inbound Marketing strategy over time, varying the content to adjust it to the interests, trends and habits of customers at all times.
  • However, the most important thing of all is to understand that the work of an Inbound Marketing agency does not end when the purchase is done, but is just beginning at that point. And the reason for this is very clear: by continuing to offer content, promotions, possibilities and giving your customers the personalized attention they crave, their satisfaction levels will skyrocket. They will bond closer with your brand, and not only will they seek to become more involved with it and remain loyal, but they will also recommend it as the best option.

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