What does a digital marketing team do?

What does a digital marketing team do?


Each member of a digital marketing team is influencing the development and success of an integrated marketing plan of the brand. This team is made up of a diverse group of professionals that have the knowledge and necessary tools that play a part in the different areas of digital marketing. 

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Digital marketing team: areas and departments


Making a digital marketing team is not only about finding talented and educated workers. It is also important to have a perfect blend between them and clearly identify the common goals. It’s all about good teamwork.

Meanwhile, everything about marketing is constantly getting more complicated and specific. Therefore, it is necessary to have a professional digital marketing team always adapting and learning to the ever-changing digital marketing world.

However, in a digital marketing team it is essential to have:






The main responsibility of a digital marketing manager is to create and design a digital marketing plan. As well as analyze and update the strategies to guarantee  you represent all of the brand and company values.

In addition, this person has to lead the rest of the members in the team and ensure they work together.




The social media manager has the responsibility of controlling the online presence of the company. They have the ability to manage all the platforms that the company uses and they understand the trends and innovations of each platform. 

It is essential for the social media manager to have the support of a community manager, who is the person in charge of creating the online community of the brand, administrating the social media accounts.






The content manager´s job consists of constructing, organizing and planning all the content to distribute in different communications that are part of the marketing strategy. They are also responsible for making sure that this content is diverse, unique and valuable.


SEO and SEM specialists 


The expert in SEO is in charge of the organic positioning of the brand. They select the keywords and control organic content creation for the internet, in order to optimize the brand´s position in the search engine, like google. 

The expert in SEM manages the page searches that are not organic. they create the campaigns that are looked up and can take part in the social media campaigns with the social media manager. They manage the budget, select the key words and analyze the metrics for the ads success. 




Graphic design


The graphic designer is in charge of the entire graphic project, from the design of the web and the blog to the creative content for social media and the Call To Action. They job starts with envisioning the image and identity of the project and would continue with the pieces that comprise the daily content strategy and the integrated digital strategy.




The Web developer is a programmer who maintains the functioning of the web. They also develop apps, widgets for the blog and interactive components that are needed for the digital strategy.




This is the expert of the development of audiovisual content adapted to all the platforms of digital marketing strategies.

Now that you are informed how digital marketing requires a professional and diverse team that work together and the role teamwork plays to determine the success of the brand. 

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