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SEO ranking: be on top of search engines


In the 21st century everything is searched online, so having a good presence in the SEO ranking is essential to guarantee the success of your business.

And this happens regardless of the industry in which you operate, and also regardless of the size of your company:

Any company can benefit from SEO since it is the best way to give an image of prestige for your brand, position yourself as a reference in the sector and, above all, generate a higher number of sales.

But for that, it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of how SEO ranking works and all the factors that affect organic positioning in search engines.

That is why it is crucial to have the help of a digital marketing agency specialized in SEO to get the best results.

What is SEO ranking and how it should be approached by an agency

In other articles we have already learned that SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Therefore, when we talk about SEO ranking we refer to how high in search engines companies appear when a search related to them is performed, something that is also known as organic positioning.

This idea of “organic” is central to understanding SEO, and that’s exactly where a digital marketing agency will need to come into play.

The main goal of their work (and for which they will bring all their resources and knowledge into play) will be to position companies at the top of the search engines, and to keep them anchored there over time.

The importance of SEO ranking in the 21st century

Globalization, mass media and the Internet have led to a considerable increase in competitiveness in the markets, regardless of the industry or sector we are talking about.

What does this mean? That there will be more and more contenders to be the market leader, and that the variety of choices makes consumers more and more demanding.

They are extremely picky when it comes to choosing a candidate and, as a consequence they will be extremely dissatisfied with the slightest flaw in the product or service, turning their backs on the company they have trusted and encouraging their peers to do the same.

Given such a competitive landscape, there is no doubt that being well positioned in the SEO ranking is the best option for companies to give an image of prestige and get leads.

However, if companies do not strive to complement this with excellent service, which guarantees the satisfaction of their customers (both potential and established), the effects of SEO will not last long.

What is the difference between SEO ranking and SEM ranking?

While at first glance mastering SEM ranking seems much easier than doing the same with SEO ranking, the reality is that these two areas of digital marketing are just as complex and, therefore, demand the same amount of attention and investment.

Many companies argue that they don’t need SEO, since by simply paying for ads they can appear at the top of the search engines. But this is not quite true, since SEM requires a previous research and analysis almost as exhaustive as that of SEO.

So, why not take advantage of both practices and complement them in order to obtain the best results when positioning and promoting your company?

Combining SEO and SEM

When SEO and SEM areas work as a team or, in other words, when you seek to dominate both SEO and SEM rankings, the amount of leads, conversions and overall positive results can skyrocket astronomically.

The idea is that both areas complement each other and provide feedback with the data they collect through their respective tools, in order to develop comprehensive strategies that are as effective as possible when approaching and questioning the buyer persona in a personalized way.

Not only will this result in a more precise and lasting positioning, but also the money spent on ad campaigns will be much better invested.

How to work with keywords in SEO

In order to work effectively on organic positioning and achieve a long-lasting place at the top of the SEO ranking, the most important thing is to carry out both a good keyword research and implementation.

The job of a digital marketing agency is to identify the most popular terms and concepts among your target audience, those words they use when searching for information, products or services related to your industry and your brand in particular.

Then, those keywords are taken and used to generate genuine, fresh and valuable content based on them. This content can come in the form of social media posts, blog articles, YouTube videos, etc.

SEO is also present when creating websites and landing pages, so the agency’s developers must have a deep knowledge of this area in order to optimize the SEO ranking and avoid possible indexing problems.

In summary, any piece that takes keywords into account and works with them efficiently will help SEO positioning.

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