Real Estate Marketing: customer loyalty

real estate marketing: customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a central aspect in a comprehensive Real Estate Marketing plan and, in some way, it crosses all the strategies that are part of it. The digital marketing area is extremely broad and offers numerous resources, tools and techniques to build a genuine bond with customers that extends over time.     What […]

Why is real estate marketing a trend?

real estate marketing

The real estate sector has undergone major changes in recent times. The advance of the digital era has taken away the walk that we used to do from agency to agency, replacing it with the search for homes online. Thus, the importance of real estate marketing arises.   The real estate agencies that have grown […]

Real Estate Marketing Why is it so important to develop a strategy?

real estate marketing why is it so important to develop a strategy?

In the area of Real Estate Marketing, that is, in the development of digital marketing oriented to the real estate sector, the objectives are achieved from the elaboration and implementation of digital marketing strategies. Here we have some very important terms: objectives and strategies. Every strategy is developed in order to reach a series of […]

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