Real Estate Marketing Why a strategy?

Por Maria Cecilia/

10 January, 2024

In the area of Real Estate Marketing, that is, in the development of digital marketing oriented to the real estate sector, the objectives are achieved from the elaboration and implementation of digital marketing strategies.

Here we have some very important terms: objectives and strategies. Every strategy is developed in order to reach a series of clearly identified objectives. In digital marketing we can have different objectives, according to the channel and forms of communication we use.



Real Estate Marketing, commercial strategy vs. digital strategy?


A digital marketing strategy is not unrelated to the commercial strategy that orders the development of a real estate company, a construction company or an entity linked to real estate. In fact, a digital marketing strategy is the support of the commercial strategy.

What does this mean? It means that we cannot design and activate digital marketing strategies without first knowing and defining the business plan of the company involved, for which the development of digital strategies is necessary.

A digital marketing strategy fulfills the function of helping the business strategy in achieving its objectives. Therefore, according to what each company needs in financial terms is that their Real Estate Marketing strategies will be defined.

Without clear commercial objectives it is not possible to develop a digital strategy that adequately fulfills its important function. Only once these have been thoroughly identified can we begin to think about our digital marketing actions and design strategies and campaigns accordingly.





Once again, these concepts are not synonymous, but neither are they opposites, but complementary. Just as a digital strategy requires a defined commercial strategy, a campaign cannot be activated without the prior design of digital strategies and a clear identification of the objectives that, with such strategies, we want to achieve.

At Marketing Real Estate we have three important resources at our disposal:

1) a comprehensive Real Estate Marketing plan

2) Real Estate Marketing strategies

3) Real Estate Marketing campaigns


The integral digital marketing plan is an important document that guides the real estate company in its next steps. Here are gathered the market studies, its marketing objectives, its specific positioning and visibility strategies, as well as the programming of the ways in which all this will be put into practice.

Digital marketing campaigns are, in fact, the specific ways in which the digital strategies that make up the aforementioned plan are activated on a daily basis. For its part, the development and implementation of a strategy is the heart of any Real Estate Marketing plan. It is the basis for the management of market, competition and customer studies.

A digital strategy should always be reviewed and evaluated according to different circumstances. This aspect is as important as the development of the digital strategy in the first place. It must be contemplated every time there is a change in business objectives and therefore a necessary change in marketing objectives.

Monitoring and studying the strategies implemented also allows us to evaluate our actions and measure their results. In this way we can identify the need to create new campaigns and new actions that better respond to the demands of a new reality.

If your business is part of the demanding real estate sector, an effective Real Estate Marketing strategy is a priority to communicate your added value and stand out from the competition.



What are the current trends in real estate marketing?


Current trends in real estate marketing include:


Use of new technologies: The adoption of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality to enhance the customer experience and the use of automation tools to streamline processes.


Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is a strategy that significantly drives sales in the industry as it helps spread the word about the brand and attract more customers.


Personalization: Personalized attention is becoming an essential part of the customer journey, and brands that successfully meet customers’ personalization needs enjoy increased loyalty and financial benefits.


Quality content: Creating and sharing relevant and useful content, such as blogs, buying and selling guides and videos, helps establish brand trust and credibility.


Use of social media: Leverage social media to promote real estate and establish a connection with the target audience.


Google Ads: Advertising on Google Ads allows real estate agencies to reach a wider audience potentially interested in buying or renting real estate.


WhatsApp Marketing: WhatsApp Marketing is a valuable tool in the real estate sector, allowing real estate agencies to offer instant information and access a wider audience.



Real estate marketing in MKT


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