Performance marketing: results

Performance marketing: results


There is a practice within marketing that is becoming more and more common and is gaining momentum because of the benefits it can represent for the client. This is performance marketing, a very attractive methodology for companies that only want to see effective results.





This advertising activity is based and focused directly on the results and benefits that a client wants to obtain. In other words, the advertiser and the company previously agree on the goals and objectives that can be achieved and then the client only pays if these agreements are achieved.

In general, clients who use this practice use it to get more subscribers to their blogs, newsletters and even increase traffic to their website. As they are very specific objectives, they are easily verifiable over time, so the client can easily observe whether the previously established agreements have been met.






Much higher ROI.

Focused on generating tangible results.

By decentralising this work to an external company, operating costs decrease.

Leads are captured through tools such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google.






The current trend to use this practice is increasing for several reasons, so we list them and you can draw your own conclusions.

  • It is verifiable

With the automated tools that performance marketing uses, you can effectively track user behavior. Whereas with CPM and CPC ways it is impossible to establish an exact measurement.

  • Conversion-based targeting  

By analysing data on new sales and subscribing new leads, it is possible to obtain timely data on the real benefit of the entire campaign based on this modality.

  • A wide range of channels to disseminate

The digital world is very wide, in that sense, you can choose the right channels for your dissemination depending on what you want and where your target audience is. Social networks, Internet, blog, websites and others are the most used channels.

  • It is widely used

Currently, performance marketing is the segment that has registered much more growth than any other related to advertising and digital marketing.

  • Profitable

The numbers speak for themselves. Approximately 11 percent more is received for every dollar invested.

  • Accepted

Many companies have already decided to try this new modality and at least 93 percent of them are open to using it again.

In the coming years, performance marketing is expected to be at the forefront of marketing. Advances in technology and the refinement of artificial intelligence will be the key to automating this practice.


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