Medical Marketing: Commercial Brand or Personal Brand?

Medical marketing, strategic communication


Nowadays, digital communication channels are very numerous and have many advantages for the development of medical marketing. They provide the opportunity to facilitate administrative management, while offering a better and more convenient patient care service.

Numerous tasks can be automated with the design of an own application, the incorporation of an online chat or the use of a Whatsapp account for companies. Such as the management of appointments, consultations, authorizations and various procedures. In this way the patient’s pains and needs are contemplated and it is possible to provide a personalized response and a timely solution.

Likewise, the availability and democratization of information is available to all users at all times. Establishing clear, precise and empathetic communication will make a difference in the patient’s experience.



Medical marketing communication strategies


The attraction of new customers, as well as the loyalty of current patients, is fundamentally achieved through the development of a good customer experience. Here, the information we transmit to our users and the way we do it play an essential role.

What we communicate to our customers must be of value and usefulness, resolve their doubts and concerns, provide them with the relevant information to advance in the resolution of their needs.

In medical marketing we are dealing with health. This is not a minor issue, misinformation or misinformation can have serious repercussions. Medical entities and professionals have, in this sense, an important responsibility, here content marketing strategies are a great ally to educate and inform our audience.



The audiovisual format is the most popular among Internet users. In the different social networks, such as Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook, videos have become the vehicle for transmitting information par excellence.

The production of audiovisual content can be useful when transmitting valuable information, advice or patient testimonials, providing tutorials and explanatory videos, as well as tours of medical centers and offices, among other aspects.



Developing a specialized blog on your website is one of the most important medical content marketing strategies. Frequent writing and publishing of written articles, where you work and develop topics of interest to your patients, contributes to provide a unique and comprehensive experience.



What digital tools can be used in medical marketing?

Medical marketing can be strengthened through the use of various digital tools that facilitate communication, reputation management and patient care. Some of the most commonly used tools in the medical field are:


  1. Website: It is the core of the digital advertising campaign, where patients can find information about the doctor, the clinic and the services offered.
  2. SEO (search engine optimization): Allows to improve the visibility of the website in search engines.
  3. Google Analytics: Helps to make data-driven marketing decisions and measure campaign performance.
  4. Chatbots: Facilitate communication with patients, answering queries and providing relevant information.
  5. Paid campaigns on Google and social networks: They allow reaching a wider and more segmented audience
  6. Newsletters: Keep patients informed about new services, improvements in procedures and success stories.
  7. Marketing automation: Facilitates the management of follow-ups and communications with patients through e-mail.
  8. Intelligent management of social networks: Helps to maintain an active and attractive presence in social networks.
  9. Consultation management software: Facilitates the organization and management of appointments, reminders and communications with patients.
  10. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools: Allow you to manage and segment your patient database, sending personalized and relevant communications.


These tools can help healthcare professionals improve their online presence, attract more patients and improve medical care.



Do you need a comprehensive medical marketing plan?


A marketing plan is important because it provides a clear and systematic guide for promoting and selling products or services. It helps to define marketing objectives and strategies, to allocate resources effectively and to measure marketing performance.

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We boost the digital growth of your practice, health entity or professional profile!


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