Importance demand creation: 21st century

Por Maria Cecilia/

10 May, 2023

Demand creation is a key practice in the modern world. Any company (regardless of its industry or size) that wants to be a genuine competitor in the markets of the 21st century, stay relevant and continue to grow should implement it.

Integrated by a wide set of tools and strategies, the idea behind this methodology is, as its name suggests, to generate a genuine demand effect by the public for a product or service.

The idea is to generate genuine interest both in those customers who are already consolidated and in those who we would like to reach, known as buyer personas.

What are the benefits of demand creation for companies?

The ultimate goal behind demand creation is to make your company visible in your industry, positioning it as a true leader within it, and for your solutions and services to gain prestige.

By achieving this, you will consolidate yourself as the preferred option of your consumers, which will be translated into a huge amount of leads, clicks, conversions and daily contacts, that you will be able to transform into sales or, at least, into potential clients for the future.

But demand creation is much more than a way to sell:

It is a way to forge solid and lasting bonds with customers, getting to know them in depth and thus providing them with the most personalized service possible, following up with all of these customers on a regular basis and stimulating their interest.

At the end of the day, this will give them such levels of satisfaction that they won’t even think about consulting with another company in the same field.

What you will be doing, therefore, is positioning yourself in their minds as the best option, creating a reliable, effective, attentive and transparent brand image.

Content marketing: the best way to generate demand effectively

Undoubtedly, if we are talking about demand creation and reaching the public organically, we must mention content marketing, also called Inbound Marketing.

Since it is based on the generation and periodic posting of valuable content, adapted to the interests and needs (which in marketing are called pains) of customers, it is an effective and direct way to involve both consolidated and potential audiences with your brand.

In this way, the audience will feel more easily engaged, and the chances that their interest will be converted into a lead or any other type of interaction will increase.

When we talk about valuable content, we are referring to original pieces that attract and impact the audience and that are designed exclusively for them.

At the same time, this content must display the company’s values, showing what makes it stand out and why it is the best option. In summary, all those virtues that make it reliable and the best option available.

Other tools for demand creation

  • Effective and constant SEO positioning work
  • Personalized and comprehensive e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Implement lead scoring tools and dynamics
  • Measuring KPI periodically and thoroughly to polish your strategies and make them more efficient

However, to take advantage of all these demand creation tools, including the previously mentioned content marketing, it is essential to have the help of a specialized digital marketing agency.

The role of digital marketing agencies in demand creation

When aiming for an effective demand creation that yields the best results, digital marketing agencies are the ideal complement.

Their teams (made up of true specialists in the most diverse areas) will work together to provide your business with fully customized solutions.

An agency will research your target audience, develop Ad campaigns on social networks and search engines, generate content, work on SEO, record and edit videos, manage your social networks and much more.

Their digital marketing expertise is combined with strategic thinking and the highest levels of creativity to ensure an organic and consistent demand creation.

Digital marketing services and their importance in achieving a genuine positioning

As we have already mentioned, digital marketing agencies have all the relevant knowledge to shape end-to-end action plans when working on demand creation in a company.

By having at its core the timely and efficient use of available resources, trends and tools, well-applied digital marketing services will result in an effective communication with customers, one that promotes conversion and genuine interest at all stages.

Some tasks that the digital marketing agency will carry out to improve demand creation in your company will be, for example:

  • Analyze the market and your competitors
  • Evaluate local and international trends that can be leveraged to drive your business and attract new customers
  • Identify and define the buyer persona that is most valuable for your interests
  • Put their teams (writers, designers, audiovisual producers, community managers, etc.) up to generate original and high value content
  • Offer tips and solutions to improve SEO
  • Develop attractive websites that attract potential customers and ensure a good user experience

There is no question that having the constant support of such a team is extremely valuable for any company.

Would you like to work on your company´s demand creation?

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