How to use social media to grow a business?

How to use social media to grow a business?


With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, social networks have become increasingly popular, not only in the personal sphere but also in the business or commercial sphere. The reason is simple: they are the best way to reach your audience directly with the guarantee of real interaction that delivers real results. Not only in the personal sphere but in the business or commercial as well.

In order to have on our side the best strategies to expand a business and make it unstoppable, it is necessary to have the support of a digital marketing agency that helps us to have a profitable presence on social networks.

It is likely that we have opened a profile or two for our company, but that is not enough. It is also possible that we are convinced that uploading a text or image from time to time is enough, and we may even think that to gain followers on Facebook we only have to promote ourselves on Twitter or Instagram; but this is not something formal, the best thing to do is to have a strategy and put all our energy into the social network that benefits us the most.

How can we achieve this? Undoubtedly, by having a professional social media team to have something at hand on hand that is capable of reinforcing the momentum of a successful business and that can create the best strategies for it.

Today, brands have the power to have at our fingertips an infinite number of resources that allow us to evaluate the quality of each conversation initiated, as well as each communication sent, all in a detailed way to improve the relationship with our users, capture more and more customers and convert many of them into advocates of our commercial identity.



Tips that guarantee a safe take-off


With the right guidance and following the guidelines below, it is possible to multiply considerably the reach of any brand:



While it is true that registering on any of the social networks is free, it is also true that the best way to take advantage of their reach is by investing in advertising and betting on the benefits offered by Social Media Marketing.



Not all of them work in the same way for all industries, so we have to choose information distribution channels that fit the personality of our brand.



There is nothing better than having the support of loyal and real followers, who are interested in what is happening with our company, give us their opinion and feel listened to.



Beyond the fact that people think that all we want to do is sell to them, we also need to make them feel welcome with discounts, exclusive news, invitations to events or any other strategy that is valuable to our followers.



If they have taken the time to write to us, why not respond to them? By feeling cared for, we will be ensuring that they will continue to stay in touch with our company.



In addition to seeking out opinion leaders, we can also generate conversation with other brands. Social media not only connects us with customers, but also with other companies that could relate to what we do or have to offer.



There is no point in having a lot of activity on social media if we are not monitoring it. Applying the use of metrics will allow us to obtain valuable information that we can use to generate more and better strategies.



Even if our audience is interested in knowing more about us, it is not all good just to talk about yourself. Sharing third-party content will help us establish a good position in the industry, and demonstrate that there are also other entities that stand up for our brand principles.

Each and every one of the options outlined here are much more bearable and achievable with the support of experts in the field, such as the advice of a digital marketing agency.




Network by network, the power of each of the social networks



In January 2020, Marc Zuckerberg’s favourite network had around 2,449 million active users in one month; more than enough reason to want our brand to have a presence there, as long as our buyer persona agrees with it.

Facebook has several resources that we can take advantage of: images, videos, polls, stories and even live broadcasts for the audience. A very good way to open our tentacles is to have important dates at hand, which can make a difference and take our relationship with the public far beyond the purchase of our product.



It is a professional social network par excellence, in which publications should touch on work and professional growth.

We can bet on reflective publications and with more details, also press releases or perhaps start a communication with a question that makes the reader think.



Although we must analyse in detail who we want to reach and with what type of publications, it is important that we do not leave aside one of the most important social networks in recent times.

Its key is that it is based on visuals, people nowadays enjoy photographs, videos or gifts; and it is here where we must pay special attention, because the aesthetics of our brand play a very important role. Stories and competitions are great enhancers of a brand on this platform, the idea also lies in motivating interaction with our followers.



The social network of the little blue bird also has a very good audience, they are the kings of last minute information.

There we can link with the public, interact with the media, as well as being able to be an attendee at major events in our industry. Also, be the first to share the latest news and generate conversations.



Of all the social networks, YouTube is arguably one of the oldest. With at least 16 years in operation and more than 1 billion users, it has become the most important video platform in the world, making it ideal for digital marketing campaigns and for publicising and expanding our business.

Among the networks that contribute to organic positioning, there is YouTube. This platform becomes a great ally and resource when we seek through the marketing campaign to visually impact our target audience; in this way, viewers can leave their comments, both positive and negative, and thus we will know how much they liked the video.



How to grow in social networks? Tik Tok is the answer. If your brand is targeting a young audience, Tik Tok is the perfect social network for your company. It is an ideal tool to transmit your messages in a creative and original way. Including this social network in your Social Media strategy would be very wise.

With the use of social networks that are in trend you will get closer to your audience in a much more fun way.


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