Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Marketing Consultancy


If we use the definition of digital marketing as the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, digital marketing consultancy is about determining and finding the way to get the best results and meet the needs of a company. It is undoubtedly an important factor that generates more growth and revenue for your business.

But generally speaking, consultancy is much more than that, it is also the practice that we work with to get results for clients. For this reason, let’s delve a little deeper into this concept and its direct influence on digital marketing. 



What is a digital marketing consultancy?


It is a service that serves as a guide for companies when seeking to position themselves in the online world, through a process of advice, evaluation and optimisation. The consultancy is born out of the need for every business to develop a methodology that ensures the success of the efforts and investment made; that is, it is a professional and qualified help on technical strategies and other things to apply to achieve the proposed objectives, and above all, to have a correct and optimised presence on the web.  




How can the success of a digital marketing strategy be measured?

To measure the success of a digital marketing strategy, it is critical to set clear goals and select the right metrics that are aligned with the company’s objectives.

Some common metrics include the number of website visits, bounce rate, conversion rate, return on investment (ROI), email open and click-through rate, cost per lead, number of followers and likes on social networks, among others.

These metrics allow you to evaluate the performance of your digital strategy, justify ROI, personalize the customer experience and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.



What are the functions of a consultant?


  • Among the different tasks to be performed, a consultant has a number of day-to-day roles or responsibilities, which include:
  • Auditing a client’s online presence, from website to social media accounts.
  • Developing internet marketing campaigns.
  • Perform A/B testing to maximise the impact of design and copy.
  • Reviewing the performance of a client’s campaign through Google Analytics.



What types of companies can benefit most from hiring a digital marketing consultant?

Businesses of various sizes and industries can benefit from hiring a digital marketing consultant. Small businesses and large corporations alike can get valuable help in reaching their target market, developing a customized strategy, identifying growth opportunities, and optimizing their digital marketing efforts.

Consulting firms, including independent consultants, can also benefit significantly from digital marketing, as it allows them to project their brand, attract new clients and better understand the needs of their audience.

what does a digital marketing consultancy do?




What does a digital marketing consultancy do?


Many companies or businesses hire the services of a digital marketing consultancy specialising in a specific area, such as search engine optimisation (SEO). However, there are a range of options for hiring a consultancy; examples include Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), email marketing, network management, SEO, just to name a few.





Being a consultant means knowing it inside out and knowing how to improve it for the client. Often, SEO requires strategising and monitoring, while delegating individual tasks to a team. In a broader view, SEO is the optimisation of websites for search engines, and a consultancy job involves: 

  • Devising Link Building and Link Baiting strategies.
  • Managing on-site SEO
  • Content optimisation strategies
  • Reviewing analytics
  • Tracking results



Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)


PPC is just one of the many services needed to make a real impact on the growth of your business. Definitely an area to leave to the experts. 

Some of the most important functions include:

  • Define performance objectives.
  • Reviewing data.
  • Implementing tracking.
  • Study keywords and segmentation.
  • Develop ad copy and creative.
  • Optimise landing pages
  • Create a bidding strategy
  • Test and monitor performance over time.



Social media consultancy services


Just because a company has an Instagram or Facebook account does not mean it has a social media presence. For that reason, a digital marketing consultancy first evaluates a brand’s specific audience, and matches it with the social media channels that represent the greatest opportunities and growth. At the same time, it makes recommendations for improvements in social media posts and ads, depending on the objectives of the company in question. Key processes include: 

  • Determine core objectives.
  • Developing a company brand.
  • Identifying influencers, media and customers.
  • Optimising the website.
  • Building influence.
  • Build communities, brands and revenue.



Relevant findings 


Any business can benefit from working with a marketing consultancy if they want to improve relationships with existing and potential customers, expand the business into new markets or intimately understand where they stand against the competition. This will not only help you understand the cost of your products or services, but also your value as a business to your customers. 

To do this, you need to have a deep understanding of a brand’s target audience, their wants, needs and values, and how a company’s services align with them; and this is where the need for a digital marketing consultant for your company arises.



How can a digital marketing consultant help a company reach its target market?

A digital marketing consultant can help a company reach its target market in several ways, including:

Appropriate online advertising targeting: The consultant has the expertise to determine the advertising strategies that best fit the company’s brand, products or services.

Target audience and market analysis: Performs in-depth analysis to identify trends and relevant segments, allowing for effective message personalization and a deeper understanding of the consumer.

Deeper knowledge of the consumer: Through the analysis of public comments, the consultant establishes the image that the company conveys and implements actions to improve it.

Boosting business growth: Analyze the situation and plan specific marketing actions to boost the company’s growth.




What strategies can a consultant use to reach a company’s target market?

A digital marketing consultancy can use a variety of strategies to help a company reach its target market, including:

Persona Buyer (Semi-Fictitious Persona) Creation

Identifying the ideal customer profile to personalize messages and the customer experience.


Target Audience and Market Analysis

Research trends and relevant segments to personalize messages and the customer experience.


Competitive and industry analysis

Identify the weaknesses and strengths of the company compared to the competition.


Content optimization and SEO

Ensuring that the company is present in search results and that its content is attractive to the target audience.


Social media marketing

Create and maintain an active social media presence to interact with target audiences and generate valuable content.


Email marketing

Create and optimize email marketing campaigns to maintain communication with your customer base and generate new customers.


Performance analysis and tracking

Monitor and analyze the results of marketing strategies to adjust and optimize campaigns.


Content creation and content marketing strategies

Generate valuable and strategic content to attract and retain target audiences.


Customer loyalty

Create strategies to maintain customer loyalty and generate organic referrals.


Business Growth Enhancement

Analyze the situation and plan marketing actions to drive business growth.

These strategies help a company improve its online presence, attract new customers and retain existing customers, resulting in sustainable growth and lasting success in the marketplace.



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