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Demand creation for your customers


In the 21st century, the era of digital marketing, implementing a good demand creation strategy is key.

In an increasingly globalized and competitive landscape, bringing out the added values and characteristics that make your company unique is necessary to remain up to date, and above all, relevant. 

What is demand creation?

Demand creation is, as its name suggests, a practice that consists of increasing the levels of interest that your customers (both established and potential) have towards your company, more specifically towards the services and products it offers.

Through various marketing strategies, the idea is that your company becomes visible in its field, positioning itself as a true benchmark in the sector and, most importantly, as the favored choice by customers. 

In this way, demand creation will bring with it (if well executed) a huge flow of high-value leads, as well as clicks, conversions and impressions that can be transformed into actual purchases.

However, generating this flow of demand is also about building a bond with customers.

Although it is impossible to know every customer in depth, the idea is to be able to provide each one with the most personalized treatment possible, to attend to and stimulate their interest in different and organic ways. 

While this is done to generate sales, it ends up being a way to build customer loyalty in the future, as well as to collect valuable consumer data and use it to develop more successful campaigns in the future.

How to implement a demand creation plan

It will become clear that investing in demand creation is extremely worthwhile. However, doing so without proper planning can lead to the process not yielding the prospective results.

This is why, in order to generate demand, it is necessary to prioritize organization and research above all else.

Your action plan must be supported by verifiable data, both about your customers and your competitors, and even about your own company.

Data, today, is the most valuable input a company can have, as it will serve as the raw material for shaping effective marketing strategies and making informed decisions.

It must be collected, segmented and analyzed in detail in order to differentiate those that have genuine value from those that do not.

That way, you can base your demand creation plan entirely on the needs of your consumers, the way they see the product, the way they search for it and the way they consume it.

You will also learn in greater detail the type of language, graphics, content and sales channels that most appeal to them, and you will be able to apply them to obtain rewarding results.

3 keys to successful demand creation

  • A good demand creation strategy should be able to cover the following three axes simultaneously:
  • Generate a sense of need around your product or service.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Demonstrate the value of what you offer

By encompassing all of this, you will ensure that potential customers go from simply learning about your company to actually taking action, generating leads and conversions.

Tools and techniques for demand creation

  • Generate original and valuable content on a constant basis. This content should seek to solve the problems (what in marketing is known as pains) of your customers, both defined and potential. This is an excellent way to feed demand creation in an organic way.
  • Work on your brand’s SEO positioning.
  • Give special importance to e-mail marketing campaigns, making sure they are as segmented and personalized as possible, in order to approach each customer in the most accurate way possible.
  • Implement lead scoring to be able to detect valuable opportunities in a timely manner.
  • Have KPI measurement systems in place to be able to evaluate the results of your demand creation strategy and act accordingly.

Types of valuable content to generate demand

  • Write weekly notes to solve any doubts and worries your customers have. These can be published in a Blog section in your own page, in order to favor the organic positioning and improve the image of your company as a reference in its sector.
  • Record and publish video tutorials on a regular basis.
  • Develop webinars, trainings and live events.
  • Write and publish E-Books loaded with graphics and valuable texts.
  • Optimize your landing pages so that your potential customers have an optimal user experience.
  • Send newsletters every week, to keep your customers up to date with all the latest news and promotions. Within demand creation, these types of newsletters are extremely popular and effective.
  • Keep your social networks active and interactive, using them as a link between you and your customers, as well as a source of valuable information for them.

Why hire a digital marketing agency for demand creation?

Digital marketing agencies not only have specific knowledge on the subject but also several teams made up of trained experts. They are able to effectively address all types of content required for an optimal demand creation strategy.

Whether it’s researching, creating ad campaigns, generating content, ranking organically, or even editing and recording videos, having a digital marketing agency supporting you is extremely practical.

Demand creation with MKT Marketing Digital

If you would like to start generating demand around your products and services, in order to boost your brand and position it at the top of its sector, we invite you to contact us.

At MKT Marketing Digital we have helped hundreds of companies from the most diverse industries to obtain incredible results through demand creation, positioning them as referents and earning them hundreds of leads, conversions and sales.

Get started today! Visit our website to learn more.


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