Improve your copy by implementing the PAS formula

Por Maria Cecilia/

2 August, 2022

The PAS formula can be really helpful if you are trying to master the art of copywriting. Writing a good copy for every single post can be a difficult task, especially in those moments when you don’t have the usual creative inspiration. Copywriting involves writing in order to get a direct response from the person reading. It requires practice and knowledge in order to achieve that, and there are lots of techniques that can optimize the content. 




What is the PAS formula?


This simple technique allows anyone to write a good text, a text that connects with the customers and responds to their needs. PAS stands for problem, agitation and solution. Focusing on these three topics allows you to write texts with an emotional impact on readers, leading them towards a predetermined objective.


what is the pas formula?





First of all, it is essential to understand and know in depth your products and their benefits. Defining what solution you are going to offer to your customers and how you are going to do so are tasks that should not be overlooked.


You can do this in a simple way by answering the following questions: How do I describe my product? What are the benefits of my product? What are the main features of my product? Why is my product unique?


Look for what makes your product stand out from the competition and enhance those qualities to their maximum.


The next step is to identify and define your ideal customer. Knowing who you want to reach is a key aspect when writing a good copy.


Both things will allow you to adjust and direct your content marketing strategies in order to meet their proposed targets. Keep in mind that every audience is unique, so every campaign you launch should be specifically designed for the target you want to approach.


what should i know before using the pas formula?






Problem: Identify the problem. By problem we mean your target audience’s needs and lacks. Often, the audience is not even aware that they have a need that must be satisfied. And that is where you can intervene with the next step.


Agitation: Once you have identified the customer’s need, take advantage of it and create an opportunity. Make your audience members see themselves in that circumstance, push them until they immediately demand for it to be solved.


Solution: Now that the user recognises that there is a pain or need to solve, you can offer them the solution you have for them.


With these three points in mind, you can articulate your copy in a way that moves the reader and stimulates their interest.



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