Benefits of email marketing agency in 2023

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23 May, 2023

Hiring the services of an email marketing agency is a key factor to get the most out of these kind of campaigns.

Email marketing – also known as emailing – has been one of the most popular techniques in digital marketing over the years, as it delivers some of the best possible results.

Companies of a wide range of sizes and industries can take advantage of these strategies, because: what customer does not have an email account nowadays?

Email marketing aims, above anything else, to establish a direct and constant digital communication channel with customers, both with those who are already consolidated as well as with those who are to be reached.

However, the application of these techniques can be complex if they are not approached correctly:

This is where the email marketing agency appears. Thanks to its extensive experience and dedicated teams, the agency will be able to provide assistance and management in order to obtain the best possible results.

Goals that an email marketing agency will help you pursue

Contrary to what you may think at first, email marketing is still very much alive. This is because emails are, with no doubt, one of the best ways to have a place in the minds of your customers.

And that will be the goal that an email marketing agency will help you pursue, by bringing all of its expertise to the table, designating exclusive teams for your company and offering a fully customized service.

They will seek (through a regular sending of emails loaded with valuable content) to increase the volume of sales of your products or services, while also building customer loyalty and attracting new ones.

In this way, your customers will always be notified when a new product or service is launched or there is a promotion, holding them between purchases and preventing them from being tempted to seek the services of the competition.

You can also send them exclusive articles or newsletters that may be of interest to them.

This last point is important, as an email marketing agency will not only help you sell, but will also assist you in educating your customers.

In this way, you will position your company as an authentic reference within its sector, something that will also promote a good brand image and, as a consequence, a more genuine customer loyalty.

How to get users to open my emails

This can be the most frustrating part of email marketing, since it is known that more than 60% of the emails sent through campaigns end up directly in the Spam folder.

And only a tiny percentage of the emails that do get through will be opened by the customer. In most cases, they are ignored.

How to avoid this? Well, an email marketing agency will put into play a series of tools and criteria that will ensure that the percentage of emails arriving in inboxes is as high as possible and that, at the same time, they are opened and read by customers.

What will an email marketing agency do?

An email marketing agency will pay special attention to the design

In the world of email marketing (as in all other aspects of digital marketing), design plays a fundamental role.

It is the first contact that customers will have with the pieces. An email marketing agency must then have design teams that dedicate to ensure attractive emails that generate interest and conversions.

The content of the email can be superb, but if it is not backed up by an attention-grabbing design, as well as an eye-catching title, it will most likely not be successful.

Appealing titles to capture interest

Titles should be written by the email marketing agency’s team, and should be thought out in such a way that they catch the customer’s attention quickly.

For this, it is very important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes or, as we say in marketing, to appeal to the pain of the buyer persona.

It is very important to identify what customers need, what they are looking for and what they are interested in, in order to target them directly and, as a result, obtain a higher percentage of open emails.

This idea of “targeting pain” should also be taken into account when writing the body of the email itself.

Attention-grabbing images

Images should be chosen carefully not only to complement the body of the mailing but also, once again, to capture the interest of customers and to target their pain.

The whole design must therefore invite the customer to take action, to want to know more and, to do so, to visit your website or contact you.

The email marketing agency will make sure that the photos, images and illustrations used in the body of the email are the right size, in order to prevent the email from taking too long to open, as it is something that goes against the UX.

Images can be complemented with other kinds of elements, such as gifs, 3D pieces, graphics and much more.

Once again, all of this should be included only if it adds some kind of value to the piece; if not, it is better to save those resources for another time, and be as concise and direct as possible.

An email marketing agency will put the right links in the right places

Thanks to the knowledge of the experts in campaigns and SEO that make up an email marketing agency’s team, the links that redirect to your website, landing page or contact page will be strategically placed.

The goal is not only to make it easy for the customer to find them, but also to convince them to click on them and constantly (but organically) remind them that this is the best way to solve their needs.

The importance of a good call to action

If we talk about links in email marketing, we cannot avoid talking about call to action. These buttons allow clients to access your website in an easier and faster way, and are always backed up by some attractive text that invites users to click on them.

They are usually placed at the end of the mailing, although this will depend on the particular goals of each campaign.

An email marketing agency will plan the frequency of sending so as not to overwhelm customers

This is, undoubtedly, the key to a successful email marketing campaign.

Receiving emails day after day is one of the most annoying things that can happen to a person. And this, as a consequence, will trigger their rejection and their desire to lose sight of the brand, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve.

An email marketing agency must therefore make sure that it does not over-send, regulating the flow of emails over the weeks and months and segmenting them to suit the different buyer personas.

In this way, the campaign will have that air of personalization that will make customers feel much more engaged and attracted, which strongly favors conversion.

They must develop a monthly schedule

The first step is to define the number of mailings you plan on sending during the month, distributing them along a calendar.

At the same time, this calendar will be very useful to analyze if the campaign is being successful or if changes have to be made along the way.

The mailings should be sent at specific times and days, so that the customer gets used to receiving them and begins to develop, little by little, a genuine interest.

An email marketing agency will take care of all this without overwhelming them or invading their inbox.

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