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4 Points to keep in mind when gaining visibility on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social networks that attracts the most interest in merchants who hire a Community Manager or Digital Marketing consultant, as it is well known by almost all users of the Internet that this platform concentrates a large amount of active public with a majority age group more than tempting.

In addition, it should be noted that being owned by Facebook, this social network has gained popularity quickly,beating its predecessor even activity-wise. Today the young and millennial public has moved slowly to Instagram, leaving Facebook aside almost entirely. So, following this reality, it is not strange at all that every employer is especially interested in opening an Instagram account for their company, and to do so, you must evaluate some issues to make the venture a success.

As a first step, you must assess if there is a real chance of succeeding on Instagram. Although it does not happen often, there are niches that are not profitable on this platform, because the target audience of the brand is in other media, as Google AdWords. How to get this answer? Analyzing the context and the company itself, in addition to its objectives, strengths and weaknesses!

4 Types to make your content more visible on Instagram

It creates a content strategy according to the image that the company wants to transmit to its audience, since this style must coincide in all the profiles in which the brand is promoted, regardless of whether the contents per se are different in each network.

  1. INTERPRETA INSTAGRAM AS IF IT WAS A WARDROBE: What do you do on Instagram? Exhibit in a very visual way, as if it was a window. The essential thing in this aspect is that the material you upload is of a graphic quality, or at least, decent. It is also not necessary to post many times a day, as if it was a fanpage. In any case, you can rely on Instagram stories to achieve more movement in the account.
  2. SEGMENT ADEQUATELY: Define which will be your sector to work or, at least, which will be the first ranking of the general target you want to conquer. Following these goals, establish what kind of content will you  share on Instagram to make your place in the field and get your potential customers end up associating your brand to that niche that interests you
  3. DO NOT FORGET THE HASHTAGS!: These are theme unifiers and it is very likely that your first followers will find you through them. What is recommended when talking about hashtags is that you create one that is specific to the brand and permanent, another that responds to the advertising campaign of the moment and, finally, those that are generic. Mind you, do not abuse this tool.
  4. HONESTY: While stories are often used to generate more spontaneous and humanized content, what you share must be genuine. It is also important to remember that, although users know that sponsored content exists, that is, for whose posts they pay you (to promote a third party), do not overdo it. Respect your audience.