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4 digital marketing beliefs that aren’t true.

Digital Marketing is a branch that creates illusions, but also a lot of distrust. Also is fertile soil of pseudo professionals that offer miraculous results with “tricks” that won’t bring benefits but monetary losses and in the worse case scenarios, an important growth of the negative image.

Due to this, we want you to know four affirmations or beliefs about digital marketing that are not certain but are very much installed in the collective imaginary.

    1. Posting on Social Network is Enough: one of the myths that is always preached is that in order to make your business grow, is enough to post on Facebook or Twitter on a daily basis and compulsively, but the reality is far from this because with all the changes of algorithms established on the Social Networks and the huge necessity of setting paid advertisement, the presence of a professional in marketing becomes overriding.
    2. The results can’t be measured: Many of us that are already immersed on this field know that everything can be measured, because the previous goal setting and the great amount of statistics that we have available in the different platforms make it possible. Despite of this, many improvised tell the clients that are just starting on this path that this cannot be done, even when the most productive fact about these numbers is not only the control that can be taken on the final performance but the possibility that they bring of interpreting and predicting the behavior of our followers… but of course, this is something that must be known how to do and therefore the ideal is to hire a marketing agency that can read the charts. Thanks to these values the following strategies can be diagrammed with very close estimations.
    3. Digital Marketing is not for all sectors: In some niches is a reality that hit the public target can be a harder task but never impossible to achieve. But as a marketing professional you must honestly tell your client that each strategy is especially designed according to the case and the established goals because this is not the same to all companies. Also it is essential to know how to prioritize the most convenient Social Networks for each sector, let it be Facebook, AdWords, an official website or a Youtube Channel, among other options.
    4. Using Digital Marketing will take your sales sky high: There are many evidences of the huge benefits that bring the right implement of internet to any business, but this is a long term work and with well established and planned stages. Publicity won’t do everything, your product or service must satisfy your clients in order to create an excellent reputation, obtain organic reviews and must importantly, to create a community that is loyal to your brand.