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4 Complementary services to keep your customers loyal

Loyalty to your customers is one of the most important steps in order to have sustained earnings over time. Since marketing offers different techniques for this to be possible, but do not forget that if your service or product is not good, then there will be much to do, since the same real customers will be in charge of telling the truth to potential.

How can we stand out from the rest?

Competition has escalated to other levels. Sales are no longer summed up to a simple exchange of money for your services or products, since the choices that consumers have are much broader for each item, causing different factors to influence when it comes to staying with a particular brand.

Definitely, what you offer must be quality or, failing that, present a good and logical relationship between quality and price. But ask yourself some more questions:

  • How is customer service?
  • Do you offer various media in case someone wants to complain or clear their doubts?
  • How do your products arrive? Does the delivery service take too long?
  • Is the packaging eco-friendly?

These are just a few issues that could wring the balance in your favor. It also depends on the audience you are targeting.

Four options for loyalty to your customers

Remember that these methods are suggestions that should conform to the proposal of your trade.

  1. Communication channel: With the opening of technologies, it is important that you offer your customers the possibility of contacting each other in different ways. Today it does not reach with a phone or email address, although they are still very used ways. Facebook and Twitter are excellent communication channels today, WhatsApp as well. However, do not open these options if you are not able to respond in a reasonable time range and try to avoid automatic responses, with the exception of the greeting and the notice that the query will be answered within a specific time frame.
  2. Packaging and Delivery: One of the factors that usually define a sale is the transportation of the product. Be sure to pack the goods well so that it arrives at destination in good condition. If you can add details in the box, like the inclusion of your logo, much better. On the other hand, that the estimated delivery time is respected is essential and in case of an inconvenience prevents it, communicate this to the customer or offer him a compensation for the problem. In case your product is intangible, you can automate deliveries, add surprise discount vouchers for future purchases and more.
  3. Payment methods: Today we have many payment platforms available. Not counting on them could mean the loss of a sale. In addition, it is indispensable that there be the option of payment in installments with the lowest interest rate possible.
  4. Post Sale Services: Some products require that they be installed and many times customers do not know how. You can distribute manuals designed by your company exclusively for them, advise them or even include the installation service in the sale in order to achieve better printing and ensure that your next purchase is your first choice. The same thing happens if the product was damaged prematurely or if the service failed: Do not try to fool the customer, give him a solution. If the warranty expired, you could offer a new product with a small discount to retain it.

All these are complementary services and give your products added value. Sometimes it happens that you can not compete with the price, but with this differentiation.