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3 excellent tools to organize your contests and draws on Facebook

One of the most effective ways to generate engagement, gain new public and expand your number of followers on social networks is through draws and contests of all kinds. Of course, the success of these ventures will depend on the creativity, how tempting the prizes are, how complicated are the requirements to participate and, of course, the strategy you deploy to promote it.

Some contests and draws require followers to tag their friends in comments, share the post in public mode, or “like” the host page. However, these actions are not allowed on Facebook policies and on many other platforms. You must conscientiously review the use policies of each social network before launching a contest. Anyway, many skip these considerations, because in more than one opportunity there is no punishment, although you expose yourself to a complaint to the system by the competition.

How to manage a draw or contest on Facebook?

Keep in mind that the following tools are free or have trial versions. In addition, if you work at the same time with other networks, such as Instagram, do not forget that they also offer you the possibility of developing proposals with them, since they have an excellent multiplicity of options.

Therefore we will recommend three excellent tools to make contests and draws on Facebook (and other networks) easily, quickly and economically. They are highly recommended by active Community Managers and by Digital Marketing professionals. So feel free to use them.

EasyPromos: It is one of the most recognized and prestigious appwebs, also it has a long run in this area. It is one of the most complete tools and has verifiable success stories. Among its benefits, we find the possibility of putting together direct draws, forms with prizes, photo contests, texts, hashtags, voting and videos, and surveys with trivia and more.

Fanpage Karma: Also known as “The Facebook Fairy”, is an app that allows you to choose a random winner from the URL of the draw. You just have to login with your account and place the link. Then you can select the draw mode: A random profile among all those who “Like” and commented. There is also the possibility that the system will track the comment with more likes.

AgoraPulse: A simple application to solve this challenge. The best thing is that it is absolutely free. Allows draw lots with winners who have liked or commented, surveys with questions, correct / incorrect answers and photo contests. It is not the most complete route, but it is very useful if you are just starting and do not have much experience.