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MARKETING DE INFLUENCERS - Lo que el Proyecto Sirena nos dejó y cómo reconocer falsos influencers

Influencer Marketing: What was left from the Mermaid Project and how to spot the fake influencers

The marketing of influencers is at the top of the heat since at least three years, including 2018 and everything shows that since…
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4 creencias sobre el marketing digital que no son verdaderas

4 digital marketing beliefs that aren’t true.

Digital Marketing is a branch that creates illusions, but also a lot of distrust. Also is fertile soil of pseudo professionals that offer…
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4 Servicios complementarios para fidelizar a tus clientes

4 Complementary services to keep your customers loyal

Loyalty to your customers is one of the most important steps in order to have sustained earnings over time. Since marketing offers different…
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